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    11 Beauty Treatments You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home

    Every woman likes and deserves to be pampered. Whether it's treating yourself to a deep-tissue massage at your neighborhood spa or maximizing your smokey eye look with eyelash extensions, we'd dig dip inside our leather wallets to feel and look fabulous. But when you've got to pay rent, stock up on groceries and scrounge up enough loose change to do laundry, there isn't much money or time left to visit the salon.

    11 Beauty Treatments You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home

    While we rather leave things in the hands of our hairstylists, manicurists and aestheticians, we can't help but do a shimmy in the mirror when we get gorgeous all by ourselves (and without the pressures of adding on another unnecessary expense). Bring out your do-it-yourself spirit with these 11 beauty treatments:

    This combo can cost up to $50 at the nail salon (especially if you are walking around on cracked, calloused feet that require a bit more work). So why not dust off those bottles of nail polish on your dresser and treat yourself to an at-home manicure and pedicure? Sunday night television is so much better when painting your nails.
    Upper lip wax.
    There's nothing quite embarrassing as leaving the salon with a slightly lighter upper lip and running into an ex-boyfriend who won't stop staring. Skip this walk of shame by breaking the seal on a lip waxing or cream hair removal kit in the privacy of your bathroom.
    Trim your own bangs.
    Call us crazy, but we don't understand why getting bangs cost just as much as getting highlights. I mean are the hairstylist's scissors made of 24-karat gold? We rather press play on this video and snip away ... with caution.
    cut bangs

    These days, everybody and their mamas own a Clarisonic brush. Get more out of the skincare tool by creating your own facial treatment that includes gentle cleansing, steaming, deep-pore scrubbing and moisturizing.

    Body scrub.
    We've preached the beauty benefits of exfoliation. Show your skin some love by whipping up a DIY scrub made out of olive oil and brown sugar.

    Teeth whitening.
    You'd be surprised what a little baking soda and peroxide can do for a wine-stained smile. Get back to basics with a DIY teeth whitening solution and watch those pearly whites come through.

    Hot oil hair treatment.
    Breathe life back into lackluster locks with a homemade hot oil hair treatment. Simply pour it on, top it off with a plastic cap and sit for about 15 minutes. Wash out with warm water, then follow with a cool rinse to lock in moisture.

    Brow tweezing.
    This simple grooming treatment can make a major difference in your appearance. Plucking a few straggly hairs around your arch is better than waxing or threading away too much hair and ending up with the "surprise face."
    tweezing brows

    Between talking about "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," we've watched our stylist maneuver the hair dryer and brush about a thousand times. Duplicate their technique with these six tips, and you'll be "Gone with the Wind" fabulous!
    rhoa kenya porsha 121216

    Neon hair color.
    It's okay if you want to dye your hair rainbow-bright like Katy Perry but aren't quite ready to show it off to the world. Break out the Manic Panic at home with your BFF because you'll know she'll tell it like it is.

    Clean up your bikini line.
    We really can't compare the pain of a Brazilian bikini wax to that of childbirth, but that won't stop us from doing so. However, we'd suggest taking a less shocking route to cleaning up "down there" with an electric trimmer or razor.

    What beauty treatments do you prefer to do yourself? Which ones are better left to the pros? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. 11 Beauty Treatments You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home